Security Locks in Cape Town

Securicraft produces an extensive range of high quality security products available both within South Africa and to the rest of the world. Catering to the residential market, these products help ensure that you and your family are safe and your home is secure.

Securicraft is a brand synonymous with Quality and Value for Money. Securicraft products are committed to helping all customers maximise their safety by providing innovative and attractive products that reduce security risks.

Window Locks

With a wide range of functionality and finishes, PM Distributors offer a range of deadlocking windowbolts will provide you with peace of mind. With locks for most functions you can rest assured that your home and family are safe.

Interlock Securistay

The Securistay is a window restrictor that provides ventilation while restricting the sash from opening more than 100mm.


The Pushlock is a secure locking window bolt for deadlocking sliding or double hung windows.


Deadbolt for timber doors locked or unlocked by key.


The Patiobolt is a secure deadlocking bolt ideal for very large windows and doors. Suitable for use on awning, casement, sliding, double hung windows and some door applications.


The Multibolt is a window bolt designed to meet the diverse needs of the hardware market. With 3 bolt lengths in each kit, the Multibolt can be secured to the window frame in multiple orientations.

Pushlock Securistay

The Pushlock is a secure locking window bolt for deadlocking sliding or double hung windows.


The Securichain is a additional security device allowing the door opening to be restricted when engaged. Strong, secure and concealed, the Securichain provides a modern apperance and ease of operation.

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